To spark a dash of imagination and interest amongst the target audience from Teavana through fresh, modern, bold creative expressions – beautifully crafted and simply told.

By positioning Teavana as a new modern take on tea from the west with a bold and imaginative flavor range, we can spike our audience’s instinctive curiosity to continually ‘try something new’ and expand their away-from-home tea routine. We developed creatives around Teavana’s 3 hero products – Matcha & Espresso Fusion, Black Tea with Ruby Grapefruit & Honey, Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate Pearls.

Discover a new, modern world of tea, REIMAGINED.

Telling stories of Product, Flavor, Craft, Quality and Lifestyle.

Our digital and social assets were built revolving around 5 core messaging pillars - “Product, Flavor, Craft, Quality and Lifestyle. Each pillar presents an aspect of Teavana in a way that is bold, premium, fresh and differentiated.

Sparking off more reimagination.

Our assets were highly adopted on different Starbucks social & digital channels all over the region during launch, with some markets extending our ideas further and created their own assets. Teavana’s sales hit an average 34% above target, with Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Philippines performing exceptionally.