Realise the immense and growing potential of Instagram Business​.

The campaign’s objective was to drive Japanese marketers understanding that they can build and run successful marketing campaigns on Instagram and drive business results.

Tap into Instagram.

To substantiate the power of Instagram community, we identified relevant insights backed by Facebook IQ and Kantar, and used them as the core of our campaign:

  • Over 20 million monthly active accounts in Japan
  • 1 in 5 log on the moment they wake up
  • 20% search on Instagram every day
  • 1 in 4 search #hashtags for more information
  • 42% take action after a search


We ran different formats across multiple social and digital channels, targeting at marketers to click through to an article on Instagram Business.




click-through rate




video completion rate

The link click-through rate outperformed the benchmark by almost double (0.95% vs 0.59%). And even though we were optimising for traffic, video view rate was very healthy as well.

From screen to print.

To further capture marketers offline, we created a quad-fold brochure mimicking Instagram Stories, in the size of a mobile screen. We then distributed them in Advertising Week Asia 2018 held in Tokyo, Japan.