Launched in the year of a pandemic.

As Singapore entered a safe reopening phase from the circuit breaker period in 2020, HealthPass by OCBC came in time to provide convenient access to doctors through telehealth services at flat consultation fees, helping to minimise physical medical visits and stem the spread of COVID-19.

We helped design the app that puts your health and wellness in your hands.

  • Access the largest panel of over 100 general practitioners and specialists, sorted by locations.
  • Easily book and manage appointments for video consultations or in-clinic visits.
  • Upload health records, lab results, transact and pay online.
  • Access your digital health records from each visit securely.
  • Explore exclusive health screening packages and other wellness services (including TCM, Dental, Maternity packages and more)

Digital healthcare services that looks friendly and approachable.


specialist tele-consults

Singapore Medical Group, one of the partners for OCBC HealthPass, estimated that there has been a 60% surge in specialist tele-consults since COVID-19 began.